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            Mizumo Auto, for the last 10 years we have been working diligently to supply you the best manufacured parts in the market. Our parts are made of the finest / premium quality products in the industry, these are made to meet or exceed OEM standards under certifications QS9000, ISO9001 and ISO9002. Evergreen Automotive, Inc. Gaskets include non-asbestos material, Silicon rubber, Viton™ (registered trademark of Dupont Corp) valve stem seals, Graphite or MLS (multi-layer steel) head gaskets. 

          The material and quality of our gasket sets share 99% in similarity to those of the big-name auto parts stores. We are so confident in the quality of our gaskets that we do offer a 60-days free of defects warranty on them. Please note, the warranty will only cover manufacturers' defects and not humans' neglects & abuses.

           The gasket sets that we offer in our online store are the same as the ones that we offer to my local store customers although at a much lower price here. Each of my gasket sets is sold in my store on average at about $180. The reason as to why we are selling our gaskets at such low prices? Simply because there are much more competitions here on the internet. By selling on online, we are hoping to generate more sells .

           We own and have been operating a gasket store in California for 10 years. Our specialty is American cars although we also carry gaskets for Japanese and Korean brands. All our gaskets are made to meet OEM standards, no exceptions to this rule.