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99-05 Mazda 1.8L DOHC 16V "BP-Z3, BP-4W, BP-Z3T" Head Gasket Set

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Product ID: 764
Part Number: HS6028
Weight: 5 lbs.
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+ Multi-layered steel (MLS) head gasket
+ Intake manifold gasket
+ Exhaust manifold gasket
+ Valve cover gasket
+ Viton valve stem seals
+ Camshaft front
+ O-rings
+ Other small gaskets


There are many different components to your car engine that work enduringly to keep it running effortlessly. One of these vital components is the head gasket- Fixed between the engine block and cylinder head, these gaskets serve as a critical, airtight seal between these two main engine parts.

As combustion occurs within the cylinders, the head gasket is there to act as a sealing "glue" between the engine block and cylinder heads, ensuring that none of the high-level pressures can escape and leak outward. Head gaskets further work to protect cylinder heads by sealing any other channels in between the engine block and cylinders; this keeps coolant, engine oil, dust, dirt, and other various contaminants out, maximizing your car engine's performance from within.

However a faulty head gasket is ineffective as a sealant, permitting contaminants to trickle into the combustion cylinders, while valued coolant is simultaneously drained from your car engine's cooling system. Damage to the cylinder head results in poor engine performance and related engine problems. Defects in the cooling system can lead to unregulated engine temperatures, quickly resulting in your car engine overheating. Overall a defective head gasket can lead to costly, yet easily avoidable, expenses for your car in the future.

If you do find that your car engine is in need of a gasket replacement, here at Mizumo Auto Parts, we offer the best quality parts, for low prices. With a purchase from us, you're ensuring that both your vehicle's condition and performance is maximized. At Mizumo Auto Parts, we strive to make your shopping experience 100% satisfactory and your every day auto-experience super.

Each gasket and gasket set is made to be durable and long-lasting.
Our gaskets are typically made from: multilayered steel for its strength and rigidity, graphite with a polymer coat for resistance to high temperatures and flexibility, or copper its high transference of heat and reduction of damage to the engine- these gaskets aim to deliver a perfect seal on your car's engine.

The correct gasket for your vehicle will yield significant and noticeable improvements to your car engine overall, as our gaskets have specialized designs to ensure a perfect fit and correct operation.

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