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99-05 Chrysler Plymouth Dodge Neon Stratus 2.0L SOHC ECB Valve Cover Gasket Set

Product Information
Product ID: 2410
Part Number: VC5033
Weight: 1 lbs.
Our Price: $15.95
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Fits from 04/09/1999 engines with plastic valve cover

+ 1 Valve Cover Gasket
+ 4 Spark Plug Tube Seals

Product Review

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Jan 19, 2017
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Aug 10, 2016
The product is selmalr than the impression i had from the pictures. Not that it is bad, actually, it is good so you can put it everywhere. The sound quality is quite good for this little thing and quite loud. I am using it in a small room and the volume and quality is more than adequate. It holds my 3GS very good even in a hard protective case and when the phone rings, you can answer it without having to take it out. The communication in this case is not very good but for a small chat is ok. The remote control is very slim and it works perfectly almost from every angle. The only downside of the thing is that it sets the volume in steps that are quite distant apart. So one is too loud and the lower is too low! Overall it is a good product. I would like it to be cheaper since portable CD players can cost less for more power. [url=]zhlblcws[/url] [link=]ztzvfpmdkw[/link]
Nov 23, 2015
I've never felt moved to write a review on antyhing before, but this really deserves it. It's a great product. Fabulous sound, you won't be disappointed. I never thought antyhing could make mp3 sound good the problem is the data compression, far worse even than CDs. My main hifi is a high-end vinyl valve-based system by Audio Note, and for the money this Logic3 more than holds its own! Good soundstage, realistic and exciting delivery of instruments and voice. Can't fault it. What I find about valve amplification is that it does not become wearing on the listener over time, like traditional solid-state does. Comes complete with decent bookshelf speakers, high-quality speaker cable (unusual at this price) of 2 1.5m or so, remote control which does operate an iPhone 3G (put it in airplane mode and it works fine, and reverts back automatically when you disconnect). Good quality docking station. And it all looks very cool, with a faint glow from the valves. Even the wife likes it
Nov 22, 2015
I haven't been this happy with a purchase since the day I got deveilred a Woody Allen DVD plus a pop-corn machine on the same rainy saturday morning!! Cute, small, mighty, stylish, powerful, brilliant design, to name a few compliments. I wanted a set of compact and stylish speakers that would sit well on my bedroom or living room but that would also work with my iPhone and this is perfect! Although there are a great range of good speakers for iPods out there, few will work properly with an iPhone. This one delivers great sound but also will charge the iPhone while playing, the phone will ring and you can answer the call in speaker mode or pick it up. Messages will come through and you can read them on screen while the music plays, plus the remote control is brilliant and you can properly navigate through your music, podcasts and even videos. Amazing value for money and I haven't yet managed to see how loud the volume will get to (it's only 11am on a Saturday and I live on an apartment block, so I'll wait till lunchtime), but so far it got pretty loud. One feature i didn't think I'd use was the portability but now, seeing how neatly it folds ready for transportation and how compact it is, I will certainly take it with me when I travel, as it looks like the perfect by-the-pool speakers!! [url=]xwcdeghz[/url] [link=]esgoqm[/link]
Nov 20, 2015
After clicking on the link to donowlad the hand-book, I wasn't completely sure of what to expect.A corporate style manual with completely practical knowledge on how to fill out invoices and explain who owns your soul after being hired?A wacky, goofy, TF2-esque manual with instructions on how to most easily show your manliness or when lacking, how to raise your manliness level to that of Saxton Hale, with a page to make your own custom origami hat?An informative piece on how to get used to your new pherapod-sensing cybernetic implant in your nose that gives you detailed instructions on what to do when GabeN throws or squeezes his own personal one to give off specific scents?A guide on how to ensure that you become a special infected when the inevitable zombie apocalypse comes (e.g. getting surgery to insert a high-dose steroid pack in your chest cavity that would activate a few hours post-mortem ensuring your undead future as a tank)?Nope. I was wrong on all of those guesses. Instead Valve didn't disappoint in (re-re-re-re-re)reenforcing how awesome it would be to work for the coolest company in gaming and how much I still need to work to even come within anywhere close to the awesomeness of Valve if I ever want to fulfill my dream of ever working as a part of Valve*.*footnote: I almost wrote of ever working for Valve but then I realized that that's either an incomplete sentence (e.g. working for the continual progression and betterment of Valve as a company and as a unit ) or just plain wrong in the concept of working for someone higher up than myself, because everyone is part of a giant, non-hierarchical team.
Nov 19, 2015
First of all what can I say! I'm not one to writer reewvis but this product is So good I feel compelled to share it others! Anyway, it arrived yesterday, the packaging is second to none, very well protected. The unit itself, pictures do not do it any justice. It's a perfect combination of both the old and new school music systems. Being a DJ, for a while I've been looking for a system that allows near reproduction of analogue (vinyl) sound but at the same time doesn't occupy half the wall and floor space! I listen to a lot of reggae music and have spent (wasted!?) money buying portable systems but none could quiet match the sound quality I was after. I recently settled for a Bose sound wave system, but despite the price tag and reewvis, the sound reproduction is unsatisfactory for the type of music I listen to. When I saw the ad on a tube to work, I thought, at last, could it be? All my prayers have been answered! A device that produces digital sound via a traditional analogue route! When I got home, read the internet reewvis etc and without haste placed my order! Soundwise does it live up to expectations? Hell, yes!!!! With seperate bass and treble (rather than hi/lo )controls on the remote the sound is rich, punchy and distortion free. Speakers are very well designed, compact and robust! Using the fully functional remote control, I was able to scroll through the music menus, albums, playlists etc on my iPhone which is a big plus! Surprisingly the unit comes supplied with proper banana plug speaker cables! No more cutting and stripping bare wires! Other plus points, you can add seperates (CD player, turntable, casette deck..for those who still have them!)to the system with the supplied phono cables! what more can one ask for!?! Also, it has the traditional old style volume adjustment knobs on the fascia! But what really sets it off is the coloured VU meter on the valve that flickers in time with the music. Its so mesmirising! My mates all sat there staring and marvelling at the unit. One of them is already seriously thinking of purchasing one! In summary, if you're a minimalist and a TRUE audiophile, this is (currently) the best sub-a3300 unit you can purchase for your iPhone/iPod. Forget all those other cheaper, gimicky docking sound systems. Save your money and buy won't regret it. It looks as gorgeous as it sounds and is worth every penny.
Nov 14, 2015

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