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99-05 Chevrolet Suzuki 2.5L DOHC 24V "H25A" Full Gasket Set + Bolts

Product Information
Product ID: 1878
Part Number: FS8010, HB8010, SL1000
Weight: 8 lbs.
Our Price: $85.14
Shipping: Free Shipping


+ Graphite head gasket
+ Intake manifold gasket
+ Exhaust manifold gasket
+ Valve cover gasket
+ Viton valve stem seals
+ Camshaft front
+ O-rings
+ Front seal gasket
+ Rear seal gasket
+ Water pump gasket
+ Timing cover gasket
+ Other small gaskets
+ Gasket silicone sealant
+ 16 Head bolts

Product Review

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The gasket alone sohuld do, but to be really sure, I would use a good quality silicone engine gasket sealer Permatex or the copies, and apply it sparingly to both sides in a thin coating.Clean the trans rail where the gasket mates up with a good carb or brake cleaner and gently scrape it if necessary, without scoring or scratching the soft aluminum.Be careful tightening the bolts as dimpling the new pan around the holes will cause uneveness and create a leak later. It's not really a tight spec at all, barely a few foot pounds, something easily exceeded leaning on a 3/8 box end wrench. Just firm will do, and check them again a week later. Was this answer helpful?
Nov 22, 2015
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